Installation set up

Installation view

Video documentation. Apologies for the terrible video quality. Was all I had at that time.

Media Fragmentation

Based on a series of theories about media and propaganda, along with the messages they communicate, the artist comments and gives vision to the concept of media manipulation through the simulation of images, with the production (or re-production) of images and its reception.

Media Fragmentation comprises of two parts within one work. Using found Cathode-Ray Television(CRT) sets, the artist brings to light that the most powerful media influence has always been subtle. Even since the creation of the household television, media influence has leaked into the comfortable setting of families. It emphasises the idea that television, be it old or new technology, has had the same function – to propagate information.

The congregating video projections into one of the CRT casings serve as the other part of Media Fragmentation. A collection of videos from popular sources are compiled, split, modified, recompiled and re-modified and projected into the CRT casing. The projections are then reflected, fragmented, re-fragmented and eventually reflected out of the casing.

The final product that is projected onto a wall is the artist’s representation (or re-representation) of what media does to the information (or the lack thereof) broadcasted. The audience are also welcomed to interact with the light work that reflects out of the CRT set, to illustrate the artist’s point of media manipulation.

Contributing artist
Institute of Contemporary Art, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore
July 2012
Interactive art, projection, experimental, installation, found objects, object-based art